Private Label Beef Jerky

Private label beef jerky is our specialty! Have you ever wanted to start your own beef jerky business? We can help! If you’d like to try starting your own brand of beef jerky, we’ve got the time and experience to help you get started. Using our facility and tools, we can help you start your own personal brand of beef jerky. The flavors available are Teriyaki, Original, Peppered, Honey Glazed, and Red Hot.

Private Label Details:

  1. Private label jerky in available in Original, Peppered, Teriyaki, Honey Glazed, and Red Hot flavored slab, whole muscle jerky.
  2. We can package in any size starting at 1 ounce and going up to 1 pound bags.
  3. You provide the label.  We have a label company that we deal with; we will be happy to put you in contact with them.  Their minimum quantity is 3000 per item, and each label runs roughly 7 to 8 cents per label in these small quantities. The price decreases as the quantity increases.  You will design the label with them.  We will coordinate to insure all USDA required information appears in the correct format on your label.  You can use our dies free of charge, giving you a great savings on your project.
  4. All private label accounts are on a pre-pay basis.  You can pay with credit card, cashier check, or wire transfer.  Product ships after funds have been received.
  5. Pouches, boxing, and all other materials to produce your product, other than the label, is included in the price.  Shipping will be billed to you.  We can ship anywhere in the United States using FedEx or common carrier, depending on the volume, and most countries throughout the world, including Europe.  If special documents are required for foreign countries, we will assist you in the preparation.
  6. Please contact us with the specific size bag you are interested in and we can send you pricing.

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